A Research Project of the Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel, Switzerland

The BRIGHT study

Building Research Initiative Group: chronic illness management and adHerence in Transplantation (BRIGHT)

The BRIGHT study is the first multi-center, multi-continental study examining healthcare system and heart transplant centers chronic illness management practice patterns and potential correlates of immunosuppressive medication non-adherence.


The unaltered long-term prognosis after heart transplantation underscores an urgent need to identify and improve factors impacting long-term survival. The healthcare system (e.g. level of chronic illness management implemented) and patient self-management are major drivers of outcome improvement.


The primary aims of the Building research initiative group: chronic illness management and adherence in transplantation (BRIGHT) study of heart transplant patients are:

  1. To describe the practice patterns relating to chronic illness management at the participating centers, countries, and continents in heart transplantation (HTx)
  2. To assess the prevalence and variability of non-adherence to the post-HTx treatment regimen
  3. To determine the multi-level factors related to immunosuppressive medication non- adherence
  4. To benchmark the participating centers, countries, and continents in relation to chronic illness management practice patterns and non-adherence to the treatment regimen


The study uses a cross-sectional survey design in 36 heart transplant centers covering 11 countries in 4 continents. It uses 4 questionnaires; 1 for the director of each heart transplant center, 1 for the clinicians at each center, and 2 for each heart transplant recipient (interview and self-administered), in addition to collecting clinical information on each heart transplant recipient and a collateral report by the clinicians on patients’ medication adherence.

For more details about the study procedures, please check the publication of the study protocol here.

For the study record on ClinicalTrials.gov, please click here.