A Research Project of the Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel, Switzerland

The BRIGHT research instruments

Chronic Illness Management Implementation – Building Research Initiative Group: Chronic Illness Management and Adherence in Transplantation (CIMI-BRIGHT) is the first instrument designed to assess the extent to which chronic illness management is implemented in the care of solid organ transplant patients from the healthcare professionals’ perspective.

The process used to develop the CIMI-BRIGHT instrument is consistent with the recommendations of the University of Wisconsin Survey Centre. The development of the instrument was based on an iterative process in item generation using different sources, i.e. literature, CIM experts, clinicians, CVIs, combining a qualitative and quantitative appreciation of the items and scale value.

It consists from 55 items covering the 5 building blocks of the Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions framework (ICCC):

1) promote continuity and coordination (12 items)
2) encourage quality through leadership (7 items)
3) organize and equip health care teams (8 items)
4) support self-management (19 items)
5) use of information system (9 items)

For more information on the CIMI-BRIGHT instrument, please check this publication.

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The Basel Assessment of Adherence to Immunosuppressive Medication Scale (BAASIS©) was developed by the Leuven-Basel Adherence Research Group to assess adherence to immunosuppressive drugs in adult and adolescent transplant recipients. It can also be applied to assess medication adherence in other chronically ill patient populations. It follows the newly published taxonomy of medication adherence which defines adherence as “the process by which patients take their medication as prescribed”. This taxonomy indicates that adherence consists of 3 quantifiable phases: initiation, implementation, and persistence.

There are two versions of the BAASIS©:

  1. The BAASIS© Interview Questionnaire (recommended) that is completed as an interview between the healthcare professional and the transplant recipient
  2. The BAASIS© Written Questionnaire’that can be completed by transplant recipients on their own

It consists of 5 items assessing both the implementation and persistence phases, in addition to 1 item that allows the patients to assess their overall adherence.

The BAASIS© is available in English and has been translated into German, Dutch, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish.

For more information on using the BAASIS© instrument in your own research, please contact us through any of the communication means provided on the contact page.